Happy 2015 everyone! And I guess happy 2014 too since, well, it’s been a while. A long while, but that’s about to change. Not so much because I made a New Years resolution, more because I told myself I should start writing again, and since I hurt my hand badly enough that I can’t work for a few weeks what’s a better time to do it than now? Last October is the obvious choice, but life gets in the way… Read more »


In the last post I mentioned that I was selling premade meals that were paleo-friendly.  Ryan and Alex, the owners of Crossfit Smithtown have been beyond helpful in this whole process by giving me recipes and business advice as well as letting me host taste tests at the box for members to taste.  This is by far one of my favorite recipes that they’ve given me.


So it was my mom’s birthday this past weekend and my whole family went out to the Hamptons to celebrate and hang out with each other, which we rarely get to do.  It was probably the most fun I’ve had in a long time, but I noticed something pretty interesting: almost everything at her party (from the black bean salsa to the potato chips to the hummus) were things I couldn’t eat.


Whelp.   My thirty days are up.  Actually they were yesterday (I know I started posting a few days into the challenge so according to the website I shouldn’t be done yet.  But I am.)  Anyway, I’m going to stick to eating paleo because of how great I’ve been feeling.


I know yesterday’s post was kind of a cop-out.  It was short and didn’t really update you on how things are going.  I’ll try my best to amend that today and give you all some more information on how I’ve been feeling.


For the next thirty days (well, twenty nine really) I’m going to be embarking on a journey of sorts that’s completely different than my usual changes.  I won’t be making some huge move to another part of the country, chopping off my hair, or anything like that.  Instead I’ll be trying to challenge myself in a way that will not only (hopefully) better myself as an individual, but also better me as a blogger, making me more consistent and focused.


As of last Thursday I’ve been working on this blog for three years.  It’s kind of crazy to think of how much has changed in that time and, thankfully, what’s stayed the same.  I’m lucky enough to have some incredibly supportive people in my life that have kept me grounded and kept pushing me to keep writing and posting on here, and without them this blog wouldn’t still be here today.


While I was interning at America’s Test Kitchen the book’s team was finishing up the development of a Do-It-Yourself cookbook which had some really great recipes in it that show you how to make everything from beer to mustard to granola.  It was really interesting to see how there are so many things that we always buy at the store when, if we’re willing to spend the time, we can make on our own.  I became sort of intrigued with… Read more »


So midterms kind of snuck up on me this year, I thought I was doing well and finishing all of my work in a timely manner and then suddenly I had two papers, a project, an exam and three quizzes due in three days. Needless to say my blog kind of fell by the wayside. So did cooking for myself. And eating too.